Today, everything around us is either digitally connected or destined to be, which is changing both the environment in which brands operate and the rules of the game.

Connectivity is ubiquitous and growing. It’s multisensory and, it’s already linking people, devices, machinery and things. What is not a given amidst this connectivity is connection—establishing emotional relevance and meaning that makes people notice and care about a brand.

More than ever before, we believe that for your brand to connect, the right experiences and messages must be delivered at the right time and place through the right platform to the right people. This level of orchestration wasn’t possible before, but we believe it is essential today and moving forward. Making this happen is why our core focus is helping your brand flow seamlessly across all of its touchpoints.

To do this, we take an agile approach to strategy, design and technology to ensure that your content is portable to and contextually appropriate for any and all interfaces in your unique brand ecosystem—whether it be on a smartphone, tablet, kiosk, gaming system or any of the growing multitude of digitally enabled devices, objects and locations.

Our Story

Men In Grey Suits is a strategic design and development firm that ignites fluid brand experiences through breakthrough digital products and services.

We ignite the power of design and engineering to create memorable digital brand journeys that empowers audiences and drives business. For us, collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, placing our clients and their audiences at the center of our process, while scaling teams & skill sets to support all stages of the product development life-cycle.

Our clients are as passionate as we are

Here are a few clients we have partnered with in creating dynamic branded experiences for various digital touch-points.