The emergence of Leap Motion gestural technology in early 2012 sparked numerous “what if” conversations among the Cylndr product team. What if, for example, we could design a large format digital display that would enable users to navigate a rich repository of content with a simple wave of their hand? Air8 the “Digital Radiator” emerged from these ideation sessions, a user interface that users can navigate bespoke, interactive content by gesture, a la Minority Report. The CMS based system can serve up company, brand or product information to a highly granular level of detail and has been used in both retail and corporate settings.

Data at your fingertips and from a distance. Content controlled by a dynamic CMS system. Content and brand that live within a purely gestural interface system and allows both commercial and industrial clients to manipulate and visualize information just like “Minority Report”.


What we did

Concept and product development, application architecture, gestural interface design system, identity and visual system design.