Darwin’s Ark is the leader in advanced sciences research, paving the way in understanding how dog and cat DNA changed as they went from living in the wild to being part of our families. Working with MIT and Harvard scientists we were tasked with helping to elevate the brand and product strategy as well as the overall digital experience for their animal DNA services. There was no product or brand architecture to start with and the visual language and system were well behind their competitors. There was a need to engage the general public as well as the scientific community, encouraging dog owners to become loyal Citizen Scientists.

The Approach

We started by developing a brand and digital strategy/architecture that would allow for growth over time as Darwin’s Ark scientific research offerings expand. Move into developing a visual system that speaks to multiple audiences and positions the organization as a serious leader in the advanced sciences space. We then rolled out a strategic design system to web, mobile, and packaging. We are now developing a roadmap for future products and services that enhance extend their core products and services.


Interaction Design

An engaging digital experience was created across multiple platforms, allowing pet owners to easily get involved in Darwin’s Ark citizen science community, request a DNA kit as well as communicate with other pet owners and scientists. The identity system was brought to life with dynamic info-graphics, allowing users to visualize and share their friend’s DNA results in a fun and engaging way. The design team generated a comprehensive set of wireframes and higher resolution prototypes to test specific interaction details and language with a diverse set of community members and scientists.



The Results

A responsive user-centric website experience was created that facilitated seamless enrollment and continued engagement. The visual system was rolled out to packaging and various marketing collator. Social channels were created as a way to inform the community and extend engagement.

We are currently developing new ways for community members to record their pet’s behavior, some of which include iPhone and Apple watch applications for on the go pet tracking, data recording and alerts.




Darwin’s Ark received a Gold New York Design Award
To become part of the citizen science community & request a free DNA kit, 
please visit the  Darwin’s Ark website.