The Challenge

For many years the Deep Blue watch company has seen success with their dive watches in the united states and wanted to expand their product lines to new products in new markets. Deep Blue needs to better understand their audiences, design trends and marketing strategies in order to make a shift in the companies portfolio.

Our fans are obsessed!


The Approach

A new brand story that hinged on the history and love of diving was created for Deep Blue. It expressed not only the need for a good looking time piece but the need for extreme functionality and proven durability, these elements became a focal point for the brands story and product development.

Competitive as well as research on existing and emerging demographics was done which led us to new product ideas and marketing / communications tactics. A new visual identity system was created that spoke to core audiences and grounded the companies passionate brand story.

New product lines (Air Blue and Alphas Marine) time pieces were designed, prototyped and released through fluid design phases which included, naming, product development and design as well as the generation of new marketing and communications collateral.

The Results

A new story driven brand was created for Deep Blue which elevated the brand to compete with more established watch makers in the United States and gain the attention of European audiences as well. The product line was expanded from just Dive watches to Aeronautic inspired watch line called Air Blue which are now on sale around the world.

What we did

Identity design, brand positioning and architecture, product concept and design, product naming, marketing and communications.