Grand Street CBD

The Brand
Grand Street is a Brooklyn based CBD distillery dedicated to bringing you safe and effective, handcrafted CBD solutions since 2018.

The goal was to create a brand that has a vintage, hand crafted feel to it, one that feels “lived in” or has a patina. We did this by crafting a mark that was reminiscent of turn of the century typography found on NY City maps and married it to specific colors, patterns, and textures of the same time period. We wanted the mark and typography to have a distinct, hand engraved appearance, reinforcing the care and craft that goes into all of Grand Street CBD’s products.

The brand look, feel, and tone carries over into the Grand Street storefront and interior design, giving their customers a warm, inviting place to ask questions, learn, or just hang out.

Grand Street CBD

Package Design
We choose amber colors for the tincture bottles to give them a more rustic, apothecary look and used high polished aluminum for the tins, allowing them to show  age and patina over time. We used natural materials for all product packaging, right down to the recycled cardboard and twine on the hang tags. All products are rendered or photographed against natural backgrounds such as felt, wood, or worn metal.
Given this was an end-to-end product and brand engagement, we were able to help the Grand Street team realize a clear brand direction that communicated their purpose, quickly visualize many products and ultimately realize a strategic way forward.

Mobile Experience
When developing the brand visual system, we continuously bench-marked the new mark against mobile and social applications. A streamlined, one-color logo was created to work best for small spaces, and other ornate filigree and design elements are used for page embellishments and product shots only.
As in any eCommerce environment, we wanted to put the products  front and center, giving shoppers the best vantage point for viewing and reading the product details. We used a simple, dark felt background with key lights to give the page texture, and enable the products to stand out.
Complete brand and production guidelines where generated to ensure quality at every step, giving the client the tools for a seamless workflow and site updates.