International Business Times: Redesigning and delivering a seamless user experience increases monthly page views by eight percent to drive revenue growth

The Challenge

Over the past ten years, International Business Times (IBT) built an impressive readership and caught the attention of the international publishing world with its political and economic reporting. However, in early 2016, IBT’s leadership realized that its user experience and advertising model were not at a world-class level. Brand alignment was also a concern, as many of IBT’s digital touch points were not in sync with one another and often projected a fragmented experience. Addressing both issues was seen as critical to realizing revenue growth.

The Approach

Data analysis enabled us to generate strategic insights identifying key areas of in need of change. Careful examination and understanding of usability, design and advertising challenges enabled us to hone our focus on creating a more seamless .com experience in a short amount of time that could provide a superlative experience for the user while simultaneously presenting IBT’s advertisers with highly premium, inherently visible media placements.

The need for brand alignment and cross-platform coherence necessitated a focus on seamless content delivery and content relevance across the web, mobile web, Google AMP, Apple News, and the IBT native mobile app. By working in a truly agile process while driving brand refinement, user experience design, content development, and new advertising models, we were able to create efficiencies, validate concepts and develop platform technology innovations in an accelerated time frame.

The Results

We created a user-centric experience that facilitated seamless reading and enhanced engagement across multiple platforms including .com, mobile web, Google AMP, Facebook Pages and Apple News, with a native app currently in production. The entire IBT ecosystem (web, mobile and social) is now driven by one platform, a single CMS that utilizes dynamic content modules powered by machine learning algorithms. The IBT advertising model is now able to use a mix of programmatic and branded content to generate higher revenue and more targeted advertising for users, delivered in a manner that complements rather than disrupts the user experience. Because of this, IBT now boasts more than 40 million views a month—an eight percent increase—and has expanded to several foreign editions spanning from Asia to Europe.



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What we did

Branding, design, user experience content strategy, ad model strategy