The right tools for expressing value

As the largest and most reputable global management-consulting firm, McKinsey and company helps clients across the private and social sectors of business build their capabilities and leadership skills. At the core of the organization there is a deep commitment to driving value that every consultant stands by.

The company’s commitment to quality and consistency has led them to develop the company’s new client value proposition. The new value proposition will help define values, set McKinsey apart from other consulting firms, ensure client impact and change the perception gaps that clients and clientele have about the firm today..


The Challenge

The goal was to give consultants the power to educate themselves on the new Value proposition as well as make important decisions on how to communicate to their clients. We wanted to have every consultant to have access to a rich set of tools at anytime on any device, while being able to present rich content in a lush App environment.

The Approach

The Cylndr team lead several ideation work shops to unearth who we are talking to and the best approach to delivering their powerful message. We worked the McKinsey team to develop a platform strategy, application architecture and user experience that defined the product in detail and gave both teams a clear way forward. We lead a design phase that explored how we would visually support their new brand positioning and values.

The Results

We created a Web Application that works on any device independant of the Apple or Android app stores. The application is fully updatable via a CMS and is able to be downloaded to any consultants computer or mobile device via a secure sever. We crafted a User experience and visual design that mirrors the quality that McKinsey consistently delivers to all of their clients. We created a rich set of tools that allows every consultant to customize content decks, download and share via PDF file format.

The application has been downloaded and in use by every McKinsey consultant worldwide.

What we did

User experience and User interface Design, Platform strategy, Web App development, CMS development