The Challenge

NexusTek, the leading IT and consulting firm in the US providing Cloud solutions, Managed IT Services, and Cyber Security Consulting to hundreds of organizations tasked Cylndr with repositioning three technology companies into one brand and creating a new dynamic brand system that speaks to a diverse audience and captures the spirit and services of multiple companies.


The Approach

We started by evaluating all three companies strengths both in their offerings and their brands. We created a strategic approach to developing a new brand experience that started with evaluating and modifying their brand positioning, that led to brand architecture and naming exercises. The decision was made to keep the parent companies name “NexusTek”. From there, Cylndr created a new brand identity and visual system.


The Results

NexusTek is now presented as a leader in the cloud-based IT space, reaching more partners and clients than ever before. All corporate communications have been brought into line through one cohesive brand experience.


What we did

Brand positioning exercises, naming, brand identity system, web + interface design, advertising direction, plus marketing and social collateral.

All digital projects launching Q3 2018